[horde] howto on dimp

Marc Fellman marc.fellman at gmail.com
Fri Mar 3 04:12:00 PST 2006

2006/3/2, Lee Evans <horde at leeevans.org>:
> > How should I enable dimp (and could someone explain the differences
> > with imp and the features of dimp)? Am I doing something wrong
> > (besides wanting to work with latest and greatest version of horde ;-)
> > )?
> I might check it out myself shortly.
> I've only just joined the list and hadn't heard of it before, but when it
> was mentioned in relation to one of my queries earlier I did a bit of
> digging - this seems like a reasonable explanation
> http://janschneider.de/cweb/home/index,channel,25,story,252.html

It sounds very straight forward but I still see no setup stuff of
dimp. At least I have an idea where dimp is all about (and now I am
aware of it I want to use it as well :-( ). hoepfully someone could
give a suggestion (B.T.W. every other module is on the same CVS HEAD

> Lee
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> Lee Evans

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Marc Fellman

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