[horde] Login "failures"

Jason Dixon jason at dixongroup.net
Fri Mar 3 16:09:40 PST 2006

When a user logs in to Horde, they are often greeted with a login  
failure in the main frame, even though the authentication actually  
succeeds and the navigation bar loads.  This is verified by clicking  
any of the applications, whereby they load as expected into the main  
frame.  It rarely happens to me (admin), but happens more often than  
not to normal users.  I noticed the following events in the horde.log  
for a user helping me test this.

Feb 12 01:48:05 HORDE [notice] [horde] Login success for someuser  
[x.x.x.x] to Horde [on line 86 of "/htdocs/to
Feb 12 01:48:06 HORDE [notice] [imp] x.x.x.x  [on line 31 of "/htdocs/ 
Feb 12 01:48:06 HORDE [notice] [imp] Login success for someuser  
[x.x.x.x] to {web.dot.com:143} [on line
93 of "/htdocs/tools/imp/lib/Auth/imp.php"]
Feb 12 01:48:07 HORDE [notice] [imp] x.x.x.x failed [on line 31 of "/ 

Why are there multiple login entries?  Horde is configured to use IMP  
authentication against our Xserve IMAP server.  I checked the logs on  
the Xserve and see both connections succeeded, although I'm still  
confused as to why there are multiple authentication attempts.

Mar  3 18:56:06 xserve imap[2030]: login: web.dot.com []  
someuser LOGIN User logged in
Mar  3 18:56:08 xserve imap[1963]: login: web.dot.com []  
someuser LOGIN User logged in

Any ideas what is happening?

Thanks in advance,

Jason Dixon
DixonGroup Consulting

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