[horde] Synchronise

Markus Braun charmed21muc at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 7 01:46:51 PST 2006

>From: Vilius Å umskas <vilius at lnk.lt>
>To: horde at lists.horde.org
>Subject: Re: [horde] Synchronise
>Date: Tue,  7 Mar 2006 11:40:24 +0200
>Markus Braun <charmed21muc at hotmail.com> rašė:
> > a short two questions:
> >
> > It is Sync4j Outlook Client Plug-in 2.0.34 ?
> >
> > and do you know if it runs with the N70 of nokia?
>This plugin is for synchronizing Outlook with SyncML server (in your
>case Horde).

>Most mobile phones nowadays have built-in syncml client, so you don't
>need it separately.

Yes, so i must download this file for outlook to communicate with the horde 

Is there more information about horde as SyncMl server somewhere?

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