[horde] DB Error: extension not found

Markus Winkler m at rkus-winkler.de
Sat Mar 11 05:15:49 PST 2006


I'm new here and with Horde (and IMP) and have the following problem.
I want to use Horde on Debian 3.1. After installing according to INSTALL
I got an error while saving the configuration made from the "Setup"

Mar 10 21:11:41 HORDE [emergency] [horde] DB Error: extension not found:
 [DB Error: extension not found] ** Array [on line 1615 of "/var/

I assume there must be something wrong with the connect to the
MySQL-database; this also points in this direction, I think:

Mar 11 10:02:52 HORDE [error] [imp] Could not log message details to
Horde_History. Error returned:  DB Error: not found [on line 67 of

But I don't know what could be wrong.

The test.php says (quoted most of it):

Horde Version

    * Horde: 3.1

Horde Applications

    * Horde: 3.1
    * Imp: H3 (4.1) (run Imp tests)

PHP Version

    * View phpinfo() screen
    * View loaded extensions
    * PHP Version: 4.3.10-16
    * PHP Major Version: 4.3
    * PHP Minor Version: 10
    * PHP Subminor Version: 16
    * PHP Version Classification: release
    * You are running a supported version of PHP.

PHP Module Capabilities

    * Ctype Support: Yes
    * DOM XML Support: Yes
    * FTP Support: Yes
    * GD Support: Yes
    * Gettext Support: Yes
    * Iconv Support: Yes
    * IMAP Support: Yes
    * LDAP Support: No
    * Mbstring Support: Yes
    * Mcrypt Support: Yes
    * MIME Magic Support (fileinfo): No
    * MIME Magic Support (mime_magic): Yes
    * MySQL Support: Yes
    * OpenSSL Support: Yes
    * Session Support: Yes
    * XML Support: Yes
    * Zlib Support: Yes

Miscellaneous PHP Settings

    * magic_quotes_runtime disabled: Yes
    * memory_limit disabled: No
      If PHP's internal memory limit is turned on and if not set high
enough Horde will not be able to handle large data items (e.g. large
mail attachments in IMP). If possible, you should disable the PHP memory
limit by recompiling PHP without the "--enable-memory-limit" flag. If
this is not possible, then you should set the value of memory_limit in
php.ini to a sufficiently high value (Current value of memory_limit: 64M).
    * safe_mode disabled: Yes
    * session.use_trans_sid disabled: Yes
    * session.auto_start disabled: Yes

File Uploads

    * file_uploads enabled: Yes
    * upload_max_filesize: 2M
    * post_max_size: 8M

Required Horde Configuration Files

    * config/conf.php: Yes
    * config/mime_drivers.php: Yes
    * config/nls.php: Yes
    * config/prefs.php: Yes
    * config/registry.php: Yes


    * PEAR Search Path (PHP's include_path):
    * PEAR: Yes
    * Recent PEAR: Yes
    * Mail: Yes
    * Mail_Mime: Yes
    * Log: Yes
    * DB: Yes
    * Net_Socket: Yes
    * Date: Yes
    * Auth_SASL: Yes
    * HTTP_Request: Yes
    * File: Yes
    * Net_SMTP: Yes

I think, this should be OK.

server:~#pear list

Installed packages:
Package        Version State
Archive_Tar    1.3.1   stable
Auth_SASL      1.0.1   stable
Console_Getopt 1.2     stable
DB             1.7.6   stable
Date           1.4.6   stable
File           1.2.2   stable
HTTP           1.2.2   stable
HTTP_Request   1.3.0   stable
Mail           1.1.3   stable
Net_SMTP       1.2.6   stable
Net_Socket     1.0.6   stable
Net_URL        1.0.14  stable
PEAR           1.3.2   stable
XML_Parser     1.0.1   stable
XML_RPC        1.1.0   stable

I hope these versions are OK.

In /etc/php4/apache2/php.ini there's:


So it should be possible for PHP to connect to MySQL.

I checked username/password of the horde-db-user, logged in to mysql,
could see the horde-database, it's tables, etc: OK.

I also tried connect from php with that:

mysql_connect("localhost","horde","topsecret") or die(mysql_error())

no problems.

Well, I searched mailinglist-archives, forums, etc. - no solution.

Does anybody know, what I could do wrong? Do you need any additional
config-files for an answer? I don't know where to search, so it would be
very nice, if somebody could help me.


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