[horde] Configuration Help

Matthew Morvant mmorvant at bigfatreddog.com
Thu Mar 23 11:18:19 PST 2006

(This is a continuation of a previous thread)
I have a small server that will have about 30 users on it and would like to
use horde for centralized calendaring, contacts and mail access.  I
currently have uw-imap and postfix installed.  I can receive mail for any
Linux user, but cannot send mail (Relay access is denied).  Currently I have
to log into horde then log into imp.  I would like to use the Linux login
for both.  Is this possible?  I am also a very new Linux user (it took me
forever to get horde setup), so I may be a little slow :).
System Highlights
Fedora Core 4
MySql - 5.0.19
Apache - 2.0.54
PHP - 5.1.2
Postfix 2.2.5

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