[horde] recurrent "login failed", with "custom session handler" = MySQL based sessions

Gianluca Bosco g.bosco at bitache.net
Fri Mar 24 13:07:01 PST 2006

I get a weird behaviour in the process of log in.

Sporadically, it fails login in (login failed). Some other times,
using the user/password of a user - gets me logged in as a different
one that has precedently logged in successfully.

Condition under which I can reproduce such a problem:

1) horde is set to use "MySQL based session", under "Custom session handler".


2) horde is configured to use imp to perform authentication.

Reverting the configuration to "PHP file-based session" resolves the problem.

*Clean* (with no customization) installation of:

horde 3.1
imp 4.1
turba 2.1
mysql 5.0.16
php 4.4.2-cvs
courier 3.0.5
using IMAP, with a BIG inbox (more then 3000mails).

/Gianluca Bosco

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