[horde] How to authenticate

Dan Evans devans at lcsnw.org
Wed Mar 29 14:06:02 PST 2006

I can't seem to get Horde to do any authentication.

I'm doing a new install of Horde 3.1.1 on a machine running (K)ubuntu 5
with Apache 2 and PHP 5.  I've installed all of the prerequisite
files/modules.  When I go to <host>/horde/test.php it runs and gives me a
report with a generally clean bill of health (more on this below).

When I next navigate to <host>/horde/ I can get into Administration/Setup
and changes things as desired.  But I can't seem to get Authentication
configured to allow subsequent logins to Horde.

If I use IMAP to an existing UW-IMAP mail server (on a different host), it
always returns 'Login failed because your username or password was entered
incorrectly.'  (Tried several different users, including ones listed in
Horde's administrators field, as well as with and without the FQDN.)

I tried the 'Login (su)' and 'passwd file' backends but nothing happens
with them-- no errors are reported when I try to login, it just returns to
the login screen.

If I use 'Simple IP' I can get in to Horde, but am then unable to get into
the administration portions to further configure or add projects.   I tried
to use 'IMP' but it seemed to be a catch-22-- to get IMP working it seemed
I had to have Horde working but I couldn't get Horde working without an
authentication backend.


The test.php report generated one "red" message-- 'memory_limit disabled'
reported No.  I haven't tried to reconfig PHP with no limit, but I did set
the value of memory_limit in php.ini to 500MB.

There were also a few caution (orange) messages-- no Mcrypt support, no
MIME Magic support, no memcached support, and none of the Services_Weather
elements (Services_Weather, Cache, and XML_Serializer).

I'm becoming very adept at deleting the Horde /config/*.php files and
starting fresh.  But I'd sure like to get beyond this.  (My main objective
is to get Horde up and working so I can then install IMP and calendaring
for testing and further exploration.)

Any and all help appreciated!

Dan Evans
Seattle, WA

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