[horde] _horde_hook_signup_getextra for qmail-ldap

eculp@encontacto.net eculp at encontacto.net
Fri Apr 7 09:10:52 PDT 2006

Quoting Rajkumar S <rajkumars at asianetindia.com>:

> eculp at encontacto.net wrote:
>> Quoting Rajkumar S <rajkumars at asianetindia.com>:
>>> Hi,
>>> I am using horde-3.1.1 with ldap backend for qmail-ldap and  I am 
>>> using openldap server. Authentication is working well with ldap 
>>> backend. I am able to get the user information but when I try to 
>>> add/edit users, I also need to set attributes for other ldap fileds 
>>> like quota. The place to add this seems to be 
>>> _horde_hook_signup_getextra. But the example given it it is for 
>>> sql. If any one has a handy example for ldap it would be nice to 
>>> look into.
>>> Thanks in advance,
>> If you have turba configured with all the fields that you want you 
>> can just uncomment the _horde_hook_signup_getextra hook in 
>> hooks.php.  It is called from  horde_hook_signup_queued
> Thanks a lot for your prompt reply.
> Now I can get all information when adding users, but there are 2 
> issues, one when I edit users the extra information does not appear 
> and second, I want fields like Quota, accountStatus, maximum size of 
> mails etc to be edited only by admins, and it does not look nice to 
> put them in address books. So I am looking for some means where by I 
> can directly add the necessary  fields into the ldap with out 
> involving turba.

You can always add the code that you need to the hook or you can 
manipulate both turba/config/sources.php and turba/config/sources.php.


> with warm regards,
> raj

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