[horde] hang on login

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Mon Apr 24 02:08:51 PDT 2006

Zitat von Philip Goisman <goisman at physics.arizona.edu>:

> I installed Horde: 3.2-cvs, Imp: H3 (4.2-cvs), Ingo: H3 (1.2-cvs), and
> Turba: H3 (2.2-cvs) on a redhat EL4 system.  Without Turba, login is
> fast and smooth and all works as one would expect.  With Turba there
> is a very long delay until connection.  With turba, the logs always
> show the following:

Read the instructions in docs/INSTALL and config/sources.php.

> Apr 23 22:02:49 HORDE [debug] [turba] Hook _horde_hook_share_init in  
>  application horde
> not called. [on line 1448 of "/usr/share/pear/Horde.php"].
> Since it's been over 10 months since someone last asked about this   
> error; and,
> since noone responded to the question, I figure the problem is mine.
> However, I'm clueless here.  I did see some recent messages on   
> use_shares, but
> apparently noone experiences the long hang until connection with Turba.

This is not an error, it's a debug message.


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