[horde] Length of password field in horde_users table

Clarke Brunt clarke.brunt at viridis.net
Mon Apr 24 09:00:25 PDT 2006

I hope I haven't missed some discussion of this elsewhere, or maybe in the
bugs database, but if it's there, then I evidently haven't searched for the
right thing.

I installed Horde H3 about 6 months ago, creating mysql tables with the
supplied create.mysql.sql script. This resulted in a horde_users table with
a user_pass field of type varchar(32). I soon noticed that if I set things
to store the encryption scheme prepended to the password, then I couldn't
log in, and realised that this was due to the field not being long enough to
store the password when the scheme was prepended. I worked round the problem
by returning to _not_ storing the scheme.

I was wondering if this had been fixed, and noticed that the present version
of create.mysql.sql creates this field with length 255. The CVS history
shows the change being made towards the end of 2005. But I hadn't noticed
anything in release notes, or in an 'upgrade' script to modify my existing
database to lengthen the field.

This isn't a question on how to modify my database - I can work that out for
myself, but a question of whether this was indeed noted anywhere as an
action that needed to be performed at one of the upgrades. If not, then
people with existing installations are likely to continue encountering the

And again, apologies if I just missed it somewhere. I've not been using and
maintaining a Horde installation for long enough to be familiar with
upgrades and the database schema.

Clarke Brunt

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