[horde] Questions about .procmailrc (ingo rules)

Thomas Heide info at web-front.de
Mon Apr 24 11:17:47 PDT 2006


i'm using Ingo H3 with procmail script in the backends.php

My .procmailrc File on the Mailserver is:
1: # Von Ingo erzeugtes procmail Script (April 24, 2006, 8:06 pm)
  2: ##### Testrule #####
  3: :0 c
  4: * ^From:.*user33 at meine-domain\.de
  5: Test

My Problem: When Emails from this user (user33) delivered in the Folder
Test, the Message is double.

When i delete the "c" on line 3 in the .procmailrc File on the Mailserver
with "vi" than is already ok.

Can i modify a file in the Ingo folder e.g. any *.php File, that this "c"
not generated.

Please help me.

Thanks, Kind Regards
Sorry for my bad english.


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