[horde] Could the minimize context icons be move to the top left

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Tue Apr 25 08:50:42 PDT 2006

Zitat von Barry Flanagan <barryf-lists at flanagan.ie>:

> Chuck Hagenbuch wrote:
>> Quoting Jacques Beaudoin <jacques-beaudoin at cspi.qc.ca>:
>>> Could the minimize context icons be move to the top left
>>> of the context menu.
>> Huh?
> Poor Jacques always gets a "Huh?" ;-)
> I think he is suggesting that if the icon to hide/show the sidebar were
> placed on the upper left of the main frame, rather than in the sidebar
> itself, this would be cleaner than at present. The reason being that
> then the sidebar could be collapsed completely and the problem with the
> tooltip being under the main frame would not arise( I know Jan fixed
> this in CVS anyway).
> I agree that it would be better to have the hode/show icon in the main
> frame, but assume that this would not be possible given the javascript.

That would require the icon and js code to be loaded and included in  
every single horde page. Beside that it would conflict with the menu,  
the current place is much cleaner.


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