[horde] All users lost initial configuration this morning...

Andy Wright horde at eltofts.homelinux.com
Wed Apr 26 07:33:28 PDT 2006

Ryan Hammer wrote:
> It seems only the initial frame lost its theme and general layout. I
> still have the top row of items I've added, but everything else is gone.
> The theme is also gone from the main page, but not anywhere else. I do
> have nightly yum updates on, which I've just turned off, so I'm thinking
> this has something to do with it. Any suggestions? Thanks.
> Ryan Hammer
Check /tmp/horde.log for errors.

if you make changes do they get saved after you log out and back in 
again? If not they're not being saved to your database (assuming that's 
what you use as your backend).

Most times I've seen this is was DB in Pear that needed upgrading to 
keep up with the updates yum had done.

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