[horde] URL parameter to avoid sidebar

LALOT Dominique lalot at univ-aix.fr
Thu Apr 27 05:22:46 PDT 2006

Chuck Hagenbuch a écrit :
> Quoting LALOT Dominique <lalot at univ-aix.fr>:
>> I would like to reach directly kronolith without a sidebar using an
>> URL, so forcing sidebar=no without using user prefs.
>> We want to encapsulate kronolith through an iframe (which is not easy 
>> via IE)
>> Is there a way to do that?.
> If you're already authenticated, just link directly to it.

In fact, it works under firefox using a CAS system (horde patched), 
coming from an iframe.
Under IE, that not really working,iframes are a nightmare with it. If we 
use a low level of security, it works. If not some cookies are filtered..

  Otherwise I'm
> not sure of a way without changing prefs.

> -chuck
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