[horde] refresh unread mail counter in sidebar

lody@great2cu.net lody at great2cu.net
Sun Apr 30 06:36:02 PDT 2006

Again the application is more powerfull than I thought.

Thanks Paul,


Quoting pault <pault at burngreave.net>:

> quoting lody:
>> - Is there a setting to make sure that the counter is reset when    
>> reading mail (now I have to refresh that frame)
> horde > display options > refresh dynamic menu elements [i think ;-)].
>> - Can the sidebar also display unread mail counters for other mailboxes
> using the folder view, you can select which mailboxes you want this
> information for and also have that reflected in your portal view.
> pault
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> pault [at] burngreave [dot] net
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