[horde] Once again - LAG

Algirdas Brazas lists at digital.ktu.lt
Sun Apr 30 08:17:30 PDT 2006


So, after reinstalling my server I am trying to put there horde once again.
I have got framework, horde and imp from cvs. Trying to install on old database
that has been made for horde cvs 2005-07.
After installing framework and horde everything works just fine. After 
horde to auth using imap server - just fine. But when i say, that i want imp to 
authentication - it just stops working. When trying to login I just see apache 
100% of my CPU for a long time (10 minutes app.) and get nothing.
BTW I'we reported that problem october last year - nothing changed.
Using Slackware current, with it's standard php(yes - finaly it works out of the 
apache, mysql and imap. All required php aditions are there. test.php shows no 
at all.
What should i do? Switch back to horde version of little less than a year ago?

Algirdas Brazas

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