[horde] Disable Session ID on url

Bosco Tsang maillist at bosco.cs.uoguelph.ca
Tue May 16 11:01:30 PDT 2006

Hi Jan,

Sorry, but can you explan a little bit more on what should be in the
session.cookie_path? My php.ini (and conf.php) is exactly the same as Fred,
and I go thru all the php manual/faq which all seems to be the same. I've
also compared it with our older version (imp 3.2.5) and they are the same. I
still have no idea why our older version can enable cookie but this version

Also, if I enable session.use-cookie-only, I cannot login. If I comment that
out, I can. Seems like the cookie part is not working right. Any idea,
sample etc that I can further change?


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Zitat von Fred Ho <fkho at fredho.net>:

>> Zitat von Bosco Tsang <maillist at bosco.cs.uoguelph.ca>:
>>> How can I disable session id on url, on the latest version for horde
>>> imp 4.1.1)? The session.user_only_cookies is setted at 1 in php.ini and
>>> sessionhandle rowlocking is set to true in conf.php of horde. Am I
>>> something?
>> A correct cookie path.
>> Jan.
> What're the relationship between the variables in the files:
> php.ini
>    session.use_cookies = 1
>    session.save_path = /var/lib/php/session
>    session.cookie_path = /
>    session.cookie_domain =
> horde/conf/conf.php
>     $conf['cookie']['path'] = '/horde'
>     $conf['cookie']['domain'] = $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']
> Is the cookie path relative to the save_path? In conf.php, there's no
> save_path defined, so where's the cookie path '/horde' reside in?

No, one is the physical path, the other the url path. Check the PHP manual.

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