[horde] Can't login: redirected back to login.php

Simon Detheridge simon at widgit.com
Sun May 21 13:48:19 PDT 2006


I upgraded php and mysql on my box, and it broke my Horde.

I upgraded from php 5.1.1 to 5.1.4, and mysql from 4.0.something to 4.1.19.

Basically, the problem I have is that the horde login page just  
reloads itself whenever I provide it with a valid auth. No error  
message. (If I put in a bad login, I get a failure message.)

Everything was working fine before the upgrade.

I have checked that php all works, as does mysql, and all the things  
that link to mysql (vpopmail for example) have been fixed so that they  
still work.

I have been using IMAP as an authentication backend.

I decided the easiest way to figure out the problem was to start with  
a fresh install. So I moved my old installation out of the way, and  
installed a clean Horde 3.1.1, and a clean database.

Horde allowed me to go in and configure in it's default 'automatically  
authenticate as Administrator' mode. Whenever I switch to using a  
different backend (I've tried IMAP and FTP) the problem comes back.

horde.log and my imap logs both report a successful login.

e.g. :
May 21 21:36:31 HORDE [notice] [horde] Login success for simon  
[xx.xx.xx.xx] to
  Horde [on line 90 of "/var/www/mailhost/htdocs/login.php"]

I've tried with both mysql and php sessions. I have checked that php  
sessions are working by using an installed application on another  
virtualhost on the same machine.

I see no errors in either horde.log or my apache error log.

I've run out of ideas. Please help! :-)


Simon Detheridge
SEN Developer, Widgit Software

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