[horde] Package...is not valid/ install failed

Alan Hartless harty83 at gmail.com
Sun May 21 14:25:49 PDT 2006


Did a cvs update and went to install install-packages.php and received "No 
handlers for package.xml version 2.0."  So I updated pear to the 1.4.9 and 
now I am getting something like the following for each package:

Installing CLI:
Unknown channel "pear.horde.org"
Parsing of package.xml from 
file "/kolab/var/kolab/www/webmail/framework/CLI/package.xml" failed
Cannot initialize '/kolab/var/kolab/www/webmail/framework/CLI/package.xml', 
invalid or missing package file
Package "/kolab/var/kolab/www/webmail/framework/CLI/package.xml" is not valid
install failed

What am I doing wrong?


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