[horde] Mysql Server Master/Slave....

Anant Athavale asa at isac.gov.in
Thu Jun 22 01:43:30 PDT 2006

Dear List:

I understand there is a way to configure Mysql Server as Master and  
Slave.  Actually, I have two servers running Horde/IMP services.   
Users of one server can not share calenders with the users of other  
server as my MySQL is seperate on each server.

Now, that there is a concept called MySQL Master/Slave, I could  
probably use such feature and have a single database for both the  

But, writing to database has to be done to MySQL Master only, but  
reading can be done on slave also, which will reduce the load on Master.

Keeping this in mind, is there any setting available in Horde, where I  
can mention for the second server that, all database updation has to  
happen with Master server and reading data can happen with the local  



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