[horde] iCal and Outlook/Entourage

Greg Harris gharris at mail.nixa.k12.mo.us
Thu Jun 22 18:55:10 PDT 2006

Hello All,

This may be way off topic for the list, but this is the best place I can
think to put it.  It may not even be possible, but I think it might be, if
only I knew the right pieces.

There does not currently seem to be any way to use Outlook/Entourage to edit
the Kronolith calendar, without using Sync, with isn't ready for daily use.
If I am wrong about this, please correct me and I will be a very happy

I know is it possible to send an invite to one's self and using sieve,
filter the invite out using the from header and the subject header to then
run a script on this e-mail.  The key part, and really dumbfounding part for
me, is that the script will then add/modify the event on a user's shared
Kronolith calendar.  Yes, all participants would have to be pretty savvy to
use it, but it sure beats having them loose all their calendar information.
(Also, I am trying to implement this with a tech group, so it can be a
little convoluted, as long as it is fairly automated.)  I think it would be
possible to tell Outlook/Entourage to always invite me, taking care of that
side of the automation.


Greg Harris
Nixa R-II School District
Network Support Technician

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