[horde] Strange loop when configuring Horde

Luciano Ramalho luciano at ramalho.org
Sat Jun 24 17:12:47 PDT 2006

I am installing Horde from CVS in a development box. It's not the first 
time I do it but this time I am getting a very strange behavior.

As soon as I hit the [Generate Horde Configuration] button on 
Administration->Setup, my browser (Firefox on Ubuntu 6.06) 
starts alternating it's status line from "Waiting for localhost..." to 
"Transfering data from localhost..." for several minutes. At the same 
time, the apache2 process takes over the CPU and memory, spawning a 
second and sometimes a third apache2 process. After a while, the browser 
says "Done", but only the left panel of the Horde interface is visible. 
If I click on Administration->Setup again, the whole madness restarts.

Has anyone seen this?

I know Apache usually can't write to the horde/config directory, but in 
previous installations Horde just told me so and showed me the contents 
of the conf.php file for me to copy.

I can see http://localhost/horde/test.php OK, and the only red warning 
concerns the memory_limit_disabled item, which I set to 32M so I guess 
that is not the problem. Previous installations on this machine worked fine.



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