[horde] Can't login as administrator after setting up MySQL auth backend

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck at horde.org
Sun Jun 25 10:15:08 PDT 2006

Quoting Luciano Ramalho <luciano at ramalho.org>:

> I've noticed that when I type a completely bogus password, login.php
> shows the message: "Login failed because your username or password was
> entered incorrectly". However, when I use the correct 'admin' username
> and 'admin' password, I get the login.php without any message.

Looks like a session/cookie problem.

> Jun 25 00:31:50 HORDE [notice] [horde] Login success for admin
> [] to Horde [on line 89 of

> "/home/luciano/soc/src/horde/login.php"]
> $conf['cookie']['path'] = '/horde';

Is /horde the right path?


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