[horde] Can't login as administrator after setting up MySQL auth backend

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck at horde.org
Sun Jun 25 17:01:05 PDT 2006

Quoting Luciano Ramalho <luciano at ramalho.org>:

> Maybe it would be useful if a sysadmin had an easy way to tell apart
> the horde/ sub-dirs which are apps from those which are basic horde
> components. In Zope 2 all the apps go inside a certain directory
> (called Products), and in Zope 3 they can be anywhere but each must
> have a corresponding config file in a specific dir. In both cases one
> can use symlinks to quickly add/remove functionality from the site.

Yeah, this will probably be something (app location/installation  
method and/or configuration) that we'll tweak for Horde 4.0.


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