[horde] Login problems with Horde/IMP

frank@sagurna.de frank at sagurna.de
Tue Jul 25 08:24:20 PDT 2006

I had a similar problem.
Setting $conf['cookie']['domain'] = '' in /horde/config/conf.php solved the Problem for me.
In this case Horde does not submit the damain attribute in the cookie and the browser accepts it.
Hopr this helps to get rid of your Problem.



>Dear folks,
>I'we made a small comparison between a working older cvs version and the 
>I had problems with.
>I have turned on use_only_cookies=true.
>With mozilla's cookie inspector I can see that cookies from both sites are 
>absolutely identical, except "Content"
>and "Domain" as I'we used different virtual hosts on same machine. Database 
>was the same. I'we made two
>tries switching domain names also so:
>1 try:
>mail_old.domain.tld    -    old horde installation
>mail_new.domain.tld   -    new cvs
>2 try:
>mail_new.domain.tld    -    old horde installation
>mail_old.domain.tld   -    new cvs
>In both cases cookies where identical, but new CVS version simply jums back to 
>login page.
>Used mozilla on WinXP and Firefox on Slackware(KDE).
>Obviously problem is not on the client side.
>Sincerely Yours,
>Algirdas Brazas 
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