[horde] 404 error when trying to open index.php

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Tue Aug 8 10:46:20 PDT 2006

Zitat von ohad ranen <ohadranen at hotmail.com>:

> Well, I guess I passed only one stage to get it work but not all:
> After applying the change bellow I browse to http://localhost/horde   
> where I see in the setup menu that the status of horde3.1.2 is: "No   
> version found in your configuration. Regenerate configuration."
> So I reganerate the configuration by setting Preference System   
> driver to 'PHP sessions'
> After pressing the generate botton the browser goes into neverending  
>  loop on the logon.php page.
> All I'm trying to do is install Horde and Kronolith to give it a   
> test drive, I am not concern about security at this point, I just   
> want it to work...
> Is there any HOWTO page to the simple steps I need to folow to get   
> the system up and running? I tried the horde INSTALL document with   
> no success.
> Please help...

Your session settings are wrong. Enable non-cookie sessions or fix the  
cookie domain and/or path.


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