[horde] The Elusive DIMP!

Nick Cole nick at cole2.com
Mon Oct 16 01:18:51 PDT 2006

So, I'm still wondering whether I'm really looking at DIMP or not. I  
have the head of horde, imp and dimp installed and everything works  
fine. When I go into DIMP I see my inbox, but it looks exactly like  
IMP. The only documentation I can find for DIMP is on the Wiki, which  
shows some screenshots on Jan's website which look nothing like IMP.

Can someone suggest a definitive test for whether I'm looking at DIMP  
or not? I have tried Help->About in mail and it says "This is Imp H3  
(4.2-cvs)" which does not seem promising.

Given that imp and dimp live in different directories, I assuming that  
the order of installing them is irrelevant - could this be an issue?

Cheers, Nick.

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