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Mon Oct 16 06:25:58 PDT 2006

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  I'm a web developer and I'd like to import Horde framework into my

  My idea is to change, a little bit, the Horde's graphic interface, if
  it's possible, for a better integration with my site (I mean not only
  editing css files)

  I'd like to keep my header, left/right menu and bottom frame but I
  haven't find anything about Horde customization (I don't know if is
  possible because I've a lot of database calls include into that

  For example I'd like to have a different GUI for turba, I'd like to
  have not the top and the left menu (I read docs about this and I read
  it's possible) and I'd like, for example, to add new feature or
  bottons near the name of the contacts

  What is the right approach to follow?

  I try to read API and on-line docs but I haven't found anything (or
  only a little bit) about customize horde/turba GUI   :(

thanks a lot
G. R.

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