[horde] The Elusive DIMP!

Nick Cole nick at cole2.com
Mon Oct 16 08:06:31 PDT 2006

In which case, I'm not seeing DIMP. I've just reinstalled head  
snapshots of imp and dimp (imp-HEAD-2006-10-16.tar.gz and  
dimp-HEAD-2006-10-16.tar.gz) under head of horde, but no luck. When I  
try to access http://mywebserver.com/horde/dimp I get the Horde login  
page, followed by the imp login page, followed by ..... IMP!

I'm guessing that the problem here is something to do with me  
installing the wrong level of one of the components - horde, imp and  
dimp have been installed from nightly snapshots, and the framework has  
been installed using the pear web-based installer - maybe the versions  
of the framework I have installed are wrong? Is there anything  
specific I can check? I haven't got commmand-line access to cvs which  
is why I used the web-installer.

Appreciate any help diagnosing this problem, which is tricky as there  
are no errors - just an absence of something elusive!

Cheers, Nick.

Quoting Andy Wright <horde at eltofts.homelinux.com>:

> Nick Cole wrote:
>> So, I'm still wondering whether I'm really looking at DIMP or not.  
>> I have the head of horde, imp and dimp installed and everything  
>> works fine. When I go into DIMP I see my inbox, but it looks  
>> exactly like IMP. The only documentation I can find for DIMP is on  
>> the Wiki, which shows some screenshots on Jan's website which look  
>> nothing like IMP.
> Have you tried what Michael suggested a while ago and gone to  
> http://yourwebserver.com/horde/dimp ?
> Dimp looks nothing like IMP - you'll know it when you see it :)
>> Can someone suggest a definitive test for whether I'm looking at  
>> DIMP or not? I have tried Help->About in mail and it says "This is  
>> Imp H3 (4.2-cvs)" which does not seem promising.
> In dimp you can right-click things like messages and get  
> context-sensitive actions, like mark-as-read, empty folder etc....
> Andy.
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