[horde] What is The Best Auth Method (imp dimp and horde)

Vadim Pushkin wiskbroom at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 17 04:50:18 PDT 2006

Horde folks,

I am currently using mysql auth for horde, leaving me with issues when I try 
to login to imp, which is imap (dovecot).  The one great feature/reason that 
I wanted to use mysql authentication was the fact that I can 
change/add/delete accounts via Hordes GUI.   My environment is just this box 
and I am building a Samba server as well, perhaps a third box later for 
additional shares.

My question, yes, I know a loaded one, is what would be the best method for 
me to use for auth which would serve my purposes securely and allow my auth 
to work on both horde and imp, as well as allow me to use the web front end 
for user account maint.

Many, many thanks!


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