[horde] What is The Best Auth Method (imp dimp and horde)

Vadim Pushkin wiskbroom at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 18 09:56:56 PDT 2006

Herr Schneider;

I've done this, and it would work, except that my passwd created within the 
admin interface uses mysql, and mail uses imap.

How can I make imap to use mysql as well?

I realize that this is probably a dovecot issue, but I am hoping to find an 
answer from those of you who have already done this as I am finding nothing 
in Dovecot for Horde.

Thank you,


   Vadim Anatoly Pushkin
-- The Ukranian Stallion --

>Zitat von Vadim Pushkin <wiskbroom at hotmail.com>:
>>Horde folks,
>>I am currently using mysql auth for horde, leaving me with issues  when I 
>>try to login to imp, which is imap (dovecot).  The one great  
>>feature/reason that I wanted to use mysql authentication was the  fact 
>>that I can change/add/delete accounts via Hordes GUI.   My  environment is 
>>just this box and I am building a Samba server as  well, perhaps a third 
>>box later for additional shares.
>>My question, yes, I know a loaded one, is what would be the best  method 
>>for me to use for auth which would serve my purposes securely  and allow 
>>my auth to work on both horde and imp, as well as allow me  to use the web 
>>front end for user account maint.
>Stick with mysql auth, and configure imp to use 'hordeauth' in  

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