[horde] Fatal Error Within Hylax

Vadim Pushkin wiskbroom at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 18 15:59:52 PDT 2006


Is their a hylax that is not in incubator? I do not see hylax under modules.

My apologies for addressing you directly, it won't happen again. I wish to 
use horde in all modules and would like to eventually begin contributing 
code, I am in academy right now for C !  I can not wait to begin work with 
all of horde team!


>>Hello Chuck...
>Hi. Please write to the lists, not just to me. And for incubator code,  you 
>should be writing to the dev list, not the general Horde list.
>>I've just copied hylax from incubator, the error below is gone,  instead 
>>when composing a fax, I get:
>>Fatal error: Call to undefined method Registry::getParam() in  
>>/var/www/html/horde/hylax/compose.php on line 65
>This registry function was renamed ages ago. I've fixed it in CVS, but  if 
>you can't debug things like this, you shouldn't be running  incubator code.

Many thanks Mr. Hagenbuch!

>"we are plastered to the windshield of the bus that is time." - Chris

I do not understand this statement above :-(  And who is Chris?

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