[horde] What are the Repercussions of disabling horde_datatree?

Dominaux, Craig C CCDominaux at cbe.ab.ca
Wed Oct 25 09:08:57 PDT 2006

Thanks Jan 

I'm not ready to go that route just yet, but how about I change the
Is there a way to disable the horde_datatree for kronolith and turba

Here is my issue
I have about 190,000 entries in the horde_datatree and about 640,000
entries in the horde_datatree_attributes. When a new user logs on to the
system for the first time the user page hangs on a blank page for about
1 minute. During this time there is an httpd process climbing to over
110MB from 16MB.
After the horde.shares.kronolith and horde.shares.turba entries are
created my httpd process drops down to 69MB (not removing the memory
completely) and the users page loads.

If I were to stop kronolith and turba from creating entries in the
horde_datatree / horde_datatree_attributes I could remove over 50% of
the entries. I'm hoping this will provide better performance and have
better memory management for my httpd processes.


Craig C Dominaux 

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Zitat von "Dominaux, Craig C" <CCDominaux at cbe.ab.ca>:

> Hi All
> I have 100,000 accounts run on this mail system and performance is my
> number #1 issue.
> I don't allow any sharing of any kind and there should be no need for
> any permissions, I want to know if the system will still work by
> setting:
> $conf['datatree']['driver'] = 'null';

It should, yes.

> The only issue I've seen in test has been I cannot create any new
> or tasks. If anyone knows how to fix this it would be much

Try FRAMEWORK_3 snapshots, there have been some fixes regarding  
disabled datatree backends recently.


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