[horde] Kronolith / Nag alarms.

Greg Groth ggroth at gregs-garage.com
Sat Nov 11 11:58:28 PST 2006

Jan Schneider wrote:
> Zitat von Greg Groth <ggroth at gregs-garage.com>:
>> How can I enable these?  I've taken a look around the Administration 
>> section, but can't seem to find where to turn these on.  I believe I 
>> have the config correct for the mail server, as I'm getting emails 
>> whenever a task is added or edited in Nag, but I'm not getting any 
>> alarms.  From the User's / Kronolith FAQ, all I could find is this blurb:
>> "If your system administrator has configured it, and you have set an 
>> email address in your Horde preferences, you will get an email when an 
>> alarm "goes off"."
>> I checked the administrator FAQ, but can't seem to locate how I enable 
>> this feature.  Any help appreciated.
> kronolith/scripts/reminders.php
> There isn't one for Nag yet.
> Jan.

Stupid question then, what is the alarm setting for when you create a 
new task in Nag?  Is it for something other than receiving an email?  Or 
is this feature just not fully implemented at this point?

Best regards,
Greg Groth

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