[horde] Error in IMP or Courrier-Imap/qmail ?

Noc Phibee noc at phibee.net
Sun Nov 12 07:52:37 PST 2006


when i senta mail from the IMP interface, i have this errors :

Error  The folder "sent-mail" was not created. This is what the server 
said: Invalid mailbox name.

Message  Message sent successfully, but not saved to sent-mail

It's a error of IMP or of my Imap Server ?

If Imap Server, anyone have configured courrier-imap 3.0.8 with Qmail 
for that's work's perfectly with
IMP ? (for the creation of imap directory)

And for configure white/blackl list, what is the process ?

Thanks for your help to a new Imap/IMP User


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