[horde] $_prefs['id']

Otto Stolz Otto.Stolz at uni-konstanz.de
Mon Nov 20 07:59:47 PST 2006


still testing Imp H3 (4.1.2) and Horde 3.1.2.

As I want to keep it simple and comprehensible, both for my users and me,
I'd rather leave those "multiple identities" aside, for a start.

Now I am trying to figure out, what to specify in horde/config/prefs.php.

I have already:
> // Personal Information preferences
> // default identity
> // Set locked to true if you don't want the users to have multiple identities.
> $_prefs['default_identity'] = array(
>     'value' => 0,
>     'locked' => true,

That was easy enough, but this item leaves me clueless:
> // identity name
> // If you lock this preference, you must specify a value or a hook for it in
> // horde/config/hooks.php.
> $_prefs['id'] = array(
>     'value' => '',
>     'locked' => false,
>     'shared' => true,
>     'type' => 'text',
>     'desc' => _("Identity's name:")
> );

I'd rather lock this preference, to get rid of the corresponding
entry in the "Global Options" / "Personal Information" menu that
grants the user no choice, anyway. Now the question is:
*which particular value* should I specify here? So far, I have
seen no discussion whatsoever of this preference's meaning, or

Would this be alright:
   $_prefs['id'] = array(
       'value' => '',
       'locked' => true,
(without activating a hook, at all)?

Thank you for any enlightenment, on this particular question,
and on "multiple identities", at large.

Best wishes,
    Otto Stolz

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