[horde] Horde interface

Martin.Masse@cssamares.qc.ca Martin.Masse at cssamares.qc.ca
Thu Nov 23 13:15:50 PST 2006


We want to change Horde Interface (Turba, imp, ingo) for simplify user's 
utilisation. I see some features in "/config/conf.php" but I want more. 
One of our demand is to remove "Fetchmail" link in the menu and replace by 
a link to empty trash. Can anybody help me to find documentation about 
that. I search on the web, but don't find many info. I have many more 
demand, but I'd like to understand the menu structure for solve other 
problems by myself.

We use Horde 3.1.1, Imp 4.1.1, Ingo 1.0.2, Spamity 1.0.0 and Turba 2.1.1


Martin Massé
Technicien en informatique cl. pr.
Com. scolaire des Samares
(450) 758-3500 # 2328
martin.masse at cssamares.qc.ca 

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