[horde] CVS: You must configure a DataTree backendto use Shares.

Stephen Hanselman s.hanselman at kc4sw.com
Tue Dec 5 20:25:01 PST 2006


I had the same problems you did.

I fixed it with Bill's input below.  It would be nice to know why it works
with any other database name/user/pw that horde, but oh well.  

Do you use MySQL, If so did you have problems creating the table

I also had the frame issue, that I got to by editing the conf.php file and

$conf ['menu']['links']['always'] = true;

The other issue was to manually load the URL 

I got the config screen and all sort of worked.  

After proving that I could get real screens up I blew the whole thing away
and started over.  It then worked just like the manual, I'm still a bit
confused over that.

If you want I'll keep you posted on my progress


Stephen Hanselman
Manager, Defense Systems
Datagate Incorporated
s.hanselman at datagateinc.com

Christian Schürmann
December 05, 2006 11:30 AM
To: Bill Graham

Subject: Re: [horde] CVS: You must configure a DataTree backendto use

Hi Bill,

Bill Graham schrieb:
> I have had this problem before - don't know why - but this is what I did 
> to get around it.
> You need to run the  database define stream that is appropriate for you 
> DB backend
> /horde/scripts/sql/create.whateverdbyouhave
> Then insert the  default horde sql definition in conf.php
> $conf['sql']['persistent'] = true;
> $conf['sql']['username'] = 'hordeusername- you must change this';
> $conf['sql']['password'] = 'hordepassword-you must change this';
> $conf['sql']['protocol'] = 'unix';
> $conf['sql']['database'] = 'hordedatebasename - you must change this';
> $conf['sql']['charset'] = 'iso-8859-1';
> $conf['sql']['splitread'] = false;
> $conf['sql']['phptype'] = 'mysql- or whatever you have ';
> then insert the datatree def in conf.php
> $conf['datatree']['params']['driverconfig'] = 'horde';
> $conf['datatree']['driver'] = 'sql';

Ok, but now I still don't have a frame on the left (it's blank) and no 
config-interface :(
Any other hints?

Thanks, Chris

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