[horde] Backing up horde databases

Aaron Segura Aaron.Segura at cabelas.com
Thu Dec 14 13:03:10 PST 2006

You should be using 'mysqldump' to backup a running database.  Tarring
up the raw database files will only cause you to cry when/if you try to


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To back up my MySQL and Horde databases, I have been going to 
/var/lib/mysql (in Fedora Core 2) and saying:

tar rf mysql.db.YYMMDD.tar mysql
... to tarball the mysql database, and

tar rf horde.db.YYMMDD.tar horde
... to tarball the horde database.  Then

gzip *db*tar

Then I download the gzip'ed tarballs and burn them onto CD.

Am I getting everything that's important by doing this, or should I 
be doing something else?


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