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Thu Dec 14 14:04:49 PST 2006

I should also add that the sidebar updates exactly as it should, and the
Portal content does update if I manually refresh the page.


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Is it just me, or is the Portal Page not updating content with the latest
CVS versions? And if it's just me, any ideas what I can look at for why that
might be?

For example... on my page, I have my Inbox Folder Summary (set for 30 second
refresh in the block settings), Weather.com (also set to update every hour),
and the Calendar Summary (which doesn't currently have an update
frequency)... When I go to Global Options > Display Preferences and set the
Dynamic and Portal refresh times to 1 minute, I save settings, return home
(have even logged out and back in to be sure), and wait... the page never
updates and neither do the blocks with independent refresh times.

Aaron M. Hall
Muskingum College Web Coordinator
"Some people wish it could happen,
Some people think it will happen,
Others make it happen."

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