[horde] Backing up horde databases

Eric spamsink at scoot.netis.com
Fri Dec 15 06:59:07 PST 2006

At 04:05 PM 12/14/2006, Aaron Segura wrote:

<AS>>>>>I should say, "Tarring up the raw files from a *running* 
database will only cause you to cry when/if you try to restore"<<<<<

Good morning, Aaron.

I have called up the link you provided and also am looking over the 
mysqldump man page.  Doesn't seem too hard.  :-)

Just to clarify one thing, though ... Does a "running" database imply 
that someone is accessing the database, or is a database "running" 
whenever mysqld is running, whether or not anyone is accessing it?

In other words, if I used the tarball method, and had a means for 
preventing access, would I still need to shut down mysqld first?

This is all somewhat hypothetical now that you've shown me the 
"right" way :-) but I was just curious what constitutes a "running" database.


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