[horde] memcache problems

Kevin Conley kevinconley at northwestern.edu
Tue Feb 20 17:27:06 PST 2007

Ok - i am trying to change my session handler from php file based to memcache.

So i downloaded and installed libnotify and memcached and the PECL memcache 

I have no problem starting the memcached and then set the proper values in 

I am just testing them both on localhost to start. So i start memcached with -vv 
option so i can see what happens and i restart horde and the memcache output 
says its setting values but the HORDE just loads up to a blank page.

Is there anything else you must do to use memcache?

Here is the horde log:

> Feb 20 19:17:28 HORDE [debug] [horde] Added [localhost:11211] as memcache server for memcache SessionHandler [on line 186 of 
> Feb 20 19:17:28 HORDE [debug] [horde] Connected to a memcache server for memcache SessionHandler [on line 195 of "/var/www/ht
> Feb 20 19:17:28 HORDE [error] [horde] Error retrieving session data (id = pvhofrg7qrpc1q2iuom8nbu9j2) [on line 83 of "/var/ww
> Feb 20 19:17:28 HORDE [debug] [imp] Already connected to a memcache server for memcache SessionHandler [on line 165 of "/var/
> Feb 20 19:17:28 HORDE [debug] [imp] Wrote session data (id = pvhofrg7qrpc1q2iuom8nbu9j2) [on line 114 of "/var/www/html/horde

Any idea what is going on here?

Kevin Conley	
Technology Support Services
Northwestern University

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