[horde] IE not offering to remember login/password in Horde 3.1.3

Ray Jackson ray at jacksonz.net
Wed Feb 21 00:31:24 PST 2007


I am running Debian Etch Horde/IMP (v3.1.3) and have come up against a 
problem where Internet Explorer no longer offers to remember your 
login/password when you login, meaning you have to re-enter it every 
time.  This doesn't happen with Mozilla/Firefox which happily offers to 
remember your credentials.  Also, previous versions of Horde/IMP would 
work with IE in this regard.  Is anybody aware of this problem and have 
some quick fix solution?

Ideally, we'd like Cookie based authentication through a 'remember me' 
type option at login, so users can choose to store a cookie to 
pre-authenticate them.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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