[horde] Horde with different IMAP servers

Mayra del Río López mayra at fib.upc.edu
Fri Feb 23 03:02:26 PST 2007


we're setting up a Horde-CAS installation with different IMAP servers 
for authentication, for this we have different configurations in 
horde/imp/config/servers.php and we use the horde-hook-preauthenticate 
function to select one.

The problem is that when Horde saves preferences (or anything else) the 
name of the user is only the username, instead of username at domain.We 
have different domains per IMAP server, so we are interested in saving 
the domain, too. When users log in they only write the username, without 
the domain. We have tried to change the $servers[imap][realm] and 
$_SESSION[imp][realm] parameters in horde-hook-preauthenticate function 
with no result.

Has anybody any idea about how can we solve this?

Horde: 3.1.3
Imp: H3(4.1.3)
OS: Solaris10
Apache: 2.2.2
PHP: 5.1.6
MySQL: 5.0.27



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