[horde] Calendar Categories colour choices

Michael Potter michael at xonline.org.uk
Fri Feb 23 11:58:08 PST 2007

I have installed horde at work and it is being used more and more, but I 
just ran into a problem with regard to users setting colours for 
categories created for calenders (Kronolith).

The problem cropped up, when I created a calendar to be used by 2 
administrators to record some employees holidays.  The calendar was to 
be editable by the 2 administrators involved and viewable by the group 
of employees who have their holidays marked there.

I set the 2 adminstrators to have all rights and then for the other 
users just 'show' and 'view'.

One adminstrator created individual categories for each employee so that 
they could be coloured differently and so show up more easily as to who 
was on holiday when rather than a mass of entries all of the same colour.

When any one else views the calendar, they can see the entries but the 
category colouring is not shown - only on the original editors view.

I cannot see any information on the horde site about this and could not 
make the colours show for myself when I logged in as the adminstrator, 
this login having orignally created the calendar and set it up for the 
other administrators and users.

We are using a mail id login to horde.

Does anyone know any solution to this?

Maybe it requires some editing of the php  code somewhere so that 
viewers other than the originator can get the colours of the categories 
on the calendar they are viewing which is not their own?


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