[horde] Dropped sessions redux

Kevin Konowalec webadmin at ualberta.ca
Fri Mar 16 15:54:36 UTC 2007

So it seems like adding the extra machines into the mix (expending  
the memcached size to 6Gb) has solved the problem.  However, I did  
find a case where my session did time out.  If you turn the pop-up  
notification of new mail in Imp on and get a new message, that popup  
appears waiting for you to hit OK.  It seems like if you don't hit OK  
(ie if you leave the browser open and leave) the session will still  
time out and kick you to the login page once you come back and try to  
do anything.

The question is... is this known/expected behavior or is something  
still not quite right?

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