[horde] Dropped sessions redux

Kevin Konowalec webadmin at ualberta.ca
Fri Mar 16 21:06:46 UTC 2007

On Mar 16, 2007, at 12:15 PM, Michael M Slusarz wrote:

> Quoting Vilius Šumskas <vilius at lnk.lt>:
>> Hello,>>> So it seems like adding the extra machines into the mix  
>> (expending>> the memcached size to 6Gb) has solved the problem.   
>> However, I did>> find a case where my session did time out.  If  
>> you turn the pop-up>> notification of new mail in Imp on and get a  
>> new message, that popup>> appears waiting for you to hit OK.  It  
>> seems like if you don't hit OK>> (ie if you leave the browser open  
>> and leave) the session will still>> time out and kick you to the  
>> login page once you come back and try to>> do anything.>>>> The  
>> question is... is this known/expected behavior or is something>>  
>> still not quite right?>> Yeah, I've seen this too. This is  
>> expected browser behaviour with  > modal dialogs I suppose. In CVS  
>> IMP version JS modal dialog was  > replaced with non-modal CSS/HTML.
> Yes - the modal popup prevents the browser from refreshing the  
> page,  so the session will go stale if left for a long time.  As  
> Vilius  correctly points out, the non-modal javascript box in CVS  
> prevents this.
> michael
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Sounds reasonable.  That's less of a concern - I was more trying to  
determine if it was part of the same problem I was having or not.

Speaking of which... I *just* got booted off.  I had kept the browser  
open almost 24 hours and was watching it as new mail would come in (i  
had turned off the notification on that account).  The versions of  
horde and imp that this particular machine is connected to are the  
absolute latest stable releases.  I would have expected that with 6Gb  
of memcached and the latest & greatest software versions I wouldn't  
see any more session booting.  but alas, there it is again.

I suspect this will be a very minor issue as most of our users, I  
believe, don't leave their sessions active for so long.  However it's  
still a bit troubling that it's happening at all.


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