[horde] horde problem

Daniel Urstöger daniel at gosi.at
Mon Apr 2 15:52:26 UTC 2007

Jan Schneider schrieb:
> Zitat von Daniel Urstöger <daniel at gosi.at>:
>> Hello people,
>> I have been using horde for quite a while now, especially the IMP component,
>> and since available I am using the Horde Groupware Webmail Edition 1.0.
>> It´s a really great tool, thank you people for giving it away for free :)
>> Today I decided to update to version 1.0.1, since it brings quite a few
>> improvements,
>> but I ran into a problem:
>> As usually I burned the bridges by deleting the old installation
>> completely and
>> unpacking the new tar ball.
>> Everything was fine so far, after extracting and running "scripts/setup.php"
>> I put in the data as I did before and that process seemed to be complete.
>> But as soon as I tried to open http://horde.gosi.at, I constantly got
>> redirected to a site:
>> "/imp/login.php/imp/login.php" which can´t be right. So I played around
>> for quite
>> a while, but I wasn´t able to find the bug.
>> I did solve the problem though: moved the whole horde installation into
>> a subfolder
>> named "horde" and put into the conf.php:
>> $conf['cookie']['path'] = '/horde/';
>> as soon as I did that, everything did work, but as soon as I set this to
>> something like
>> $conf['cookie']['path'] = '/';
>> everything was/is broken again.
>> As it did work before with 1.0.0 I assume I missed something? Or the
>> installation
>> in the doc root not really supported?
> The automatic webroot detection is not working for you, probably  
> because you use a cgi version oh php and some incompatible settings.  
> Set a fixed value for the webroot in config/registry.php.
> Jan.

Hi Jan,

thanks for your fast reply, well php is compiled as module, not as
I did debug it so far: the _detect_webroot() returns "/index.php"
If I make the function to return "" it does work, the login does do its
job, but
the sidebar is broken/shows the IMP screen too.

Any more suggestions? and btw: the http://horde.gosi.at/test.php is

Kind regards,

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