[horde] Frameword Horde in horde.tar.gz

Sébastien Abeilhou sebastien.abeilhou at ac-toulouse.fr
Mon Apr 23 07:55:07 UTC 2007

i try to install SyncML capabilities on my horde plateform.
With a tar.gz installation of the latest versions of Horde, imp, turba,
kronolith syncML doesn't work.
With a cvs installation, it's ok.
So, my question...
I'm looking in the cvs repository.
There is a channel "framework", which contains files that i can find in the
lib folder of Horde CVS.
In all tar.gz files, i don't find any of these files.
Where can i find files of the framework CVS folder
(http://cvs.horde.org/framework/) in tar.gz.
What is the aim of thses files ?

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