[horde] Fwd: Re: IMP- removing address book, allowing changes to From field

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck at horde.org
Thu May 17 19:27:36 UTC 2007

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 From field
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Chuck Hagenbuch wrote:

> Quoting Patrick Baldwin <Patrick.Baldwin at studsvikscandpower.com>:
>> Hi, I'm looking to remove the address book button from the IMP menu
> Uninstall Turba, or mark it inactive in horde/config/registry.php  
> (or  if you really just want it out of the menu, remove it from   
> imp/config/conf.php in the $conf['menu']['apps'] array).

I definitely want Turba, it's just not quite working yet so I'd
prefer to remove it from the menu for now.  It'll be going back
in fairly soon.

>> I'd like to allow users to edit their From: field.
>> Looking at http://wiki.horde.org/FAQ/Admin/Config, it seems this was
>> fairly easy in IMP 2.2, but I've got 4.1.2, which isn't even mentioned
>> in the doc.  Looking at what little info there was for 3.x, and at the
>> comments in the files hasn't been very helpful.  Is this even still
>> possible?
> Of course.
>> DO I need to have a Preferences Container first?
> Yup. Otherwise there's nowhere to store user ... preferences.

I wasn't thinking so much of something that would be set for
individual users, but if there was some sort of global way to
do this, and not neccessarily persistant.   It seemed that
was possible in 2.2, with those various $default settings,
but I can't find anything like that in 4.1.2.


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